Meet the Puppies that have gone to Loving Homes

Above-‘Poppy’- a Jilly X Patton girl, loved by the Chiarella family.

Above-Josefine X Dannyboy male ‘Furley’-very loved by the Cognata family

Angie – just a note to check in. Skipper (from Stella/Patton) is doing awesome. She is absolutely beautiful and learning very quickly. She is all puppy right now but her manners are coming along and she knows her commands. Potty and crate training were very easy and she was sleeping through the night after only three days at home. She only had two accidents in the house the first few days and then nothing. Everyone comments on what a perfect dog she is – like a postcard! At 17 weeks – 41 lbs! If you have heard from any of the other owners – I would love to know how big her sisters are. I hope you are well – thanks for breeding the best labs! Our life is so much better now that Skipper is in our lives. Oh – and the recruits going through Coast Guard Bootcamp love her! She comes to all my meetings at work with me!

Above: A handsome Josefine/Toby boy @ 6 months old.  Loved by the Downey family

Above- “Emma “(Mackenzie X Patton)-Loved by the Grieb family, Emma is a smart girl who loves retrieving.

Below- “Opie” (Tonka X Patton) is a big boy. Thanks Leon Family for lovin’ this tank/lab!

Dear Angie,
So glad to hear from you. The car ride went very well. Bailey cried leaving your driveway and until we got toward town. However, once home she seemed to settle right in. So much so she slept through the night. We couldn’t believe it. I brought her to the vet on Wednesday. She was so impressed with Bailey. She asked where I got her from. I showed her all the paperwork you gave me. “You did your homework and how fortunate to have such a wonderful breeder,” was her response. She mentioned she wishes more breeders were like you because just that day she had to write two letters due the poor conditions of the puppies. I’ll be sure to send you some photos very soon. Thank you again for such a beautiful dog!


Hi Angie,
I wanted to share an update from Wellsville Elementary School where Aspen is being trained as a Service Dog working with students.
Aspen is making a huge impact in the lives of these wonderful children. I thought you might enjoy the attached picture.
Thank you for raising such high quality dogs and partnering with the UDS Service Dogs Program to create miracles… dog at a time!
Take care, UDS

Above-Tonka X O’Reilly boy “Henry” Loved by Kim Young

Hi Angie!

I hope this email finds you well. Here is the one puppy that wasn’t picked and we were the blessed ones to get him. Stark is amazing! Potty trained the first couple of weeks. Took to his giant crate the first night. Never and I mean never complains, ever! Has not bitten nor destroyed anything in our home. Doesn’t bark, at all. Knows not to go in the kitchen. Very friendly and just wants to be with us. He gets to climb up on the leather sofa in our basement and just loves it. When we sit on the sofa he lies on us. Saw snow for the first time on Sunday and is addicted to it. People stop to let us know how handsome he is. Thank you for him. We wish you a beautiful Christmas and an incredible new year.

Liza, Annie, Alex, Stark, and Stephan

Sydney Brown…Loved by the wonderful Brown Family.

‘Duncan’ 6 mo. old O’Reilly/Laurel boy. Thanks Dr. Bill, Susan, Sarah, and Maggie.

“Maci” (a Piper/O’Reilly puppy) at 10 weeks old. Maci is the littlest member of the Baehner family


Hi Angie,
Our beautiful boy Bentley boy is now 7 months old and still growing like a weed. At the beginning of May he was 72 lbs and I’m sure he has grown since then. The size of his paws still amaze me. For being the biggest/laziest puppy of the litter, he sure has gained some energy. He loves to go for a run with David and play fetch on the side of the house. He isn’t a ball dog though. If we throw a ball, he goes and finds a stick to bring back. The bigger the stick the better for him… He is definetely a typical lab that absolutely loves water. We cannot keep him out of it. He even used to jump in the tub with Madison whenever he was in the bathroom with us. Thank goodness I finally broke him of that habit though. 🙂 He is turning out to have such an incredible disposition and we just love him to death. He is so gentle with our daughter Madison and we are excited to see how he does with the new baby in July. Anyway, I just wanted to share what a gorgeous dog Laurel and O’Riley have produced. He is a very handsome boy and has the look and personality that we were looking for. We are so happy to have him as part of our family.

Hope your family is well.
Stephanie and David

Hey Angie

Just wanted to drop you a picture of my little hunting buddy. She is great. Never had a dog who was called cute by so many hunters and was a great retriever.

Hope you had a great year!
Bill(owner of ‘Sunny’-a Laurel/O’Reilly girl)

Above-“Abby”-(email from Barry and family below right)

Hi Angie,
It’s Bob and Marie from Cherry Hill, NJ. We are attaching a picture of our Buddy.(See pic above). He is now 1 1/2 years old and has been a joy to our lives. He is a loving, loyal and SMART dog. We get so many comments about his personality and that he is a beautiful dog. Piper and O’ Reilly ( and you) should be proud. Thanks again for bringing him into our lives. Hope you and your family have a great Holiday season.

Hi Angie.
We’re all doing fine and so is ‘our little pony’! Cooper is up to 49 pounds and growing like a horse. He’s so good, such a chill boy. Seriously, I can’t get over it! He’s not your typical ‘amped up’ puppy — we actually call him lazyboy!! So far, we haven’t lost a single pair of shoes, or remote control, or even cell phone. And believe me, they lay around within his reach…..Cooper just doesn’t have any interest in them. He blows my mind. He has the calmest demeanor I’ve ever known, in a puppy. It’s crazy to think he was the last boy – who nobody picked!! Brock said: b/c he was probably off in the corrner, SLEEPING!!!
I’ve often wondered what his brothers and sisters personalities are like. If they’re as calm as him. In the end, I don’t think it’s possible to love him any more than we already do. He has brought us so much joy! Life is good – with Cooper our lab!


You breed gorgeous dogs! Lexi (below)almost a year old 🙂
From- Lilith

Bauer (above) went to the vet today and weighs 22 lbs! Oink! The vet asked me how much I’m feeding him, haha. He takes after his mama! Both Dr Latta and the tech were so impressed with Bauer. They kept commenting repeatedly on how gorgeous he was, what a beautiful head he has, what a nice calm pup he is. Then I would hear them go into the hallway and say, “That’s really a nice dog!!”. I was so proud:).
Dr Latta was also impressed with all of the testing you did on Bauer’s parents (heart, hips, etc.). She commented how thorough you are, and that you were obviously a great breeder. They took your contact info because she often has people asking for breeder recommendations. Thank You!


Hi Angie,
I do hope that you remember us…Our Shiloh (above) turned a year old on October 15th, (Laurel and O’Reilly’s pup) I have attached some pics that we just took the other day. He is doing really great, far more than we could of ever expected. Just wanted to say that we feel you are a wonderful breeder to have produced such a beautiful Labrador with a more than great temperment. We have 5 grandchildren that are with him often and he is just a gentle and loving pup. He is really calm and laid back with them and we feel these are all indications of good breeding. We are currently taking Shiloh to obedience school, K9 . He has become quite a good student, learning all his commands rather quickly. The trainers at the school love him as he does them. He really seems to love going to school. It seems that Shiloh loves life and everyone that comes into his. He is excellent with other people, cats, dogs etc. He waits for the mailman everyday- for him to pet him over the fence! The mailman said he is the only dog on his route that does this. We just can’t brag enough…thank you so much for our Shiloh! Wishing you Blessings,

Harry and Annette
Haddon Heights, NJ

Below-Abby and Boo

Happy New Year Angie!
I’m reflecting on all my blessings, and wanted to take a minute to thank you for our Trudy! (see pic above) She is such an important member of our family….brings so much love and fun!!! Trudy is now 2 1/2 years old, and couldn’t be more perfect! She is beautiful and obedient and my boys and I adore her! Thank you for providing us with our Trudy! have a wonderful year with your family and Labs!

“Brody” (Ruby/Patton)at 3 months old. Such a broad head/muzzlechest/legs.

Bailey (A Skylar puppy) is a people person for sure! She loves the kids and we take her everywhere we possibly can. My son plays football so she’s been to about 4 football games and we even just take her in the car if we have to pick one of the kids up from practice or whatever…..she LOVES to go for walks/hikes. I walk her every morning before I go to work and again when I get home. She knows the word “walk” already!

She really caught on to the house training and we have had no issues. She knows how to “sit” and my husband is working with her little by little on some of the other commands.

Loves to chew so we have a couple of toys designated for that. She is just a great dog all around and we couldn’t be happier!

Our puppies write home and send photos on a regular basis to keep us updated how they’re doing.

Pastor Mitch and Betty Simpson and “Rosie”Emails:
Pastor Mitch and Betty Simpson and “Rosie”

The picture above is of Tim and Shannon with their beautiful 8 week old pup. Below, is a picture of that same beautiful boy at 1 year old.

No kidding-the duck and the Lab are buddies.

Below: Abbey-(daughter of Piper and O’Reilly)-at 8 months old.

An email from Marita

Hi Angie! I hope all’s well! I thought you might like to see this picture of Scout and her foster kittens! They were going to be euthanized at the SPCA but we saved them in the nick of time and now we are fostering them until they are old enough to be adopted to permanent homes.
Scout loves them! She is so gentle!

Below-Abby and Boo .
Above: An O’Reilly girl “Scout” hunting at 6 months old

Hi Angie!
Just figured id send you an update on my beautiful baby boy Boo!(see above picture) He’s from Ruby & O’Reilly’s Thanksgiving litter. He is absolutely beautiful and the world’s greatest dog. I can’t imagine our home without him! He currently weighs in at 85lbs! Boo is trained to our underground fence as well as to my mothers so he can run around on their farm! Training literally took 1 week and he knew the boundaries. He has trained so easily! His feet are HUGE! He actually makes my mothers Rottweiler look small. Boo loves riding, walking, running, and other dogs! There’s just one thing he despises… & that’s water! He’s also the worlds greatest watch dog! We fully intend on purchasing another dog from you guys, probably next year. I’d love to have a yellow brother for Boo to play with. Our poor cat can only handle so much, but the cat loves the abuse and pouncing nonetheless! Here’s a few pictures I have from Boo recently!
Thanks again for breeding the most gorgeous loyal babies out there!
FYI- Holly is on the list for her SECOND puppy from Ruby!
Hi Angie, How are you? Moose is doing great. Can’t believe he will be 2 next week already!!! Time flies! He has so many friends in our neighborhood. Everyone knows how Moose is and where he lives. We all call Moose the “Mayor of Mayfair” (that’s the neighborhood where we live). People on our block who don’t even have pets, buy dog bones for Moose. He is definitely loved by many many people and pets!!!! I will try and remember to send an updated picture next week on his birthday so you can see how big he really is without a costume. Our mail lady should be giving you a call to see about available puppies you may have/or be having. She leaves a treat in our door everyday for Moose. She even forgets to give us our mail when she sees Moose.
Talk to you soon. Hope all is well.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!
Tina & Glenn

Dear Angie,
Lexi is the best. She is seriously the best dog I have ever seen. I’m sure John will have more details (and pictures too) about this, but Lexi has been a great hunting dog too. She goes duck, goose, quail and pheasant hunting. Of course the duck and goose are her favorite because she gets to swim.
Our little neighbor’s son is 2 and Lexi loves him. She gives him kisses all the time and he is just starting to learn how to play fetch with her. I still can’t believe she is 2 already. I will send some pictures when the baby arrives so you can really see how big Lexi has gotten. She is the perfect size dog. Big enough to be a big dog, but isn’t annoying big.
I’m glad to hear Tula is doing well. She is such an amazing dog and gave us the best dog we could ask for.
Ginny, John, Lexi, Jack and Brooke (kitty)

Hi Angie!
Happy 2015!
Wanted to drop you a note and show you how handsome Stark(4 April 2013) has become. Here he is having a play date with his friend, Daisy, an American Lab. She really digs him.
Stark is an amazing companion and good traveler. We took him to Austin, Texas last summer for the whole summer. He flew on Delta, where they have an amazing pet traveler program that I highly recommend. Folks can’t get over how wonderful and very adaptable he is. He has yet to chew on anything but his toys. He sticks to his bedtime like a clock. Once 8 pm hits he wants out then directly to his crate, he loves that crate:).
Anyway, I wanted to let you know your amazing pup is beautiful and happy. Thank you for him!
I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and happy.

Lexi, Ginny and John

Dear Angie-Well you won’t be surprised to know that Sadie (O’Reilly/Ruby pup) is perfect. The vet was very impressed with her and even said that he hasn’t seen a puppy that nice in a long time. When he first entered the room he looked and her and said “Wow! She is a nice looking lab, and she’s gonna be a big one.” lol She is 17 pounds now and seems to be handling the new food really well and potty training is going well. She is picking it up fast she hasn’t one time since she came home had an overnight accident. The vet was impressed with that too. Of course I probably just cursed myself and she’ll do it tonight-LOL. Keep in touch talk to you soon, Sharron

Hello Angie! I always think to email you pictures of wonderful Rudy.(Black male from Lucy) I’m sorry that I haven’t. He has a wonderful temperment. The most impressive part of him is his coat. He is so shiny-everybody who sees him comments on it. He weighs about 80 lbs. He is so well behaved. My husband is trying to teach him to stay off the couch, but my daughters and I aren’t much help, as we love to have him sitting with us!

Merry Christmas!
“Jenny” is doing amazing! She is so great with kids. She was a breeze to train, very smart & lovable and willing to please. Everything we expected from a Lab. She weighs 83lbs. and doesn’t look fat, so I guess it’s all muscle. I always get compliments on how beautiful she is, and I agree. She is just a great dog all around and she meets up to her breeds reputation.
Rachel,Kevin,Tony & Jenny

It’s been a while since I sent you pictures so I had some catching up to do. As you can see by the pictures Abby is getting to be quite grown up. She still isn’t sure how to act with the boys. Sometimes she acts like their equal and plays ball with them, like a sister. But at night, the mommy mode kicks in and she always puts one, if not both, of them to bed. Usually whoever lays down on the floor first. She immediately stops what she is doing and snuggles against them until they fall asleep….
As far as attention, she gets a lot of love and affection. Franny takes her for a walk at least (2) times a day and she has free access to our property with the invisible fence. Between all of us, she gets a lot of exercise with lacrosse, soccer or basketball. If we decide to watch TV or talk over dinner without including her, she whimpers or nudges us so we talk with her. I think she may be spoiled………but that’s a good thing.
We have had numerous people, including our vet ask us who the breeder is. Everyone comments on how calm she is and what a beautiful face she has. She has all the classic lab facial/head traits, but she has a femine look in her eyes (at least that’s what the vet said). To us, she is the most beautiful dog and the best thing we have done as a family in a long time.
The other night the boys fell asleep down stairs and we woke them up to go to bed. Upon climbing into bed, both of the boys realized they forgot to say “good night” to Abby. They were afraid she would be upset and not sleep well, so they got out of bed and went down stairs to say good night. My wife and I looked at each other and smiled thinking how perfect Abby was in our family.
Thank you….